New Quarter Trnitá

Brno will have a new main railway station near the river Svratka. In the context of the decision on its construction, the city can start working on the shape of a new city district called Trnitá. The area, about 140 hectares, is located between the existing and the new railway stations, in the immediate vicinity of the historic city centre. The area has remained unused for almost one hundred years now.

The Trnitá quarter should offer new apartments for up to fifteen thousand people, shops, offices, cultural and civic amenities, but also high-quality public spaces, parks and sports facilities. It will be a lively and compact city quarter with views of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, close to the historic centre and the river Svratka.

Planning Study

The Brno City Chief Architect’s Office is working on an update to the South Quarter planning study. Its objective is to define the spatial and functional delimitation of the territory, to refine the system of transport and technical infrastructure and to recommend the division of the construction into individual stages. The planning study will also verify the possibility of using the ideas of the winning designs from urban design competitions „The Future of the Centre of Brno“, announced by the City of Brno, the urban design idea study „Development of the Opuštěná – Trnitá Area in the South Centre of Brno“.


Development of the Opuštěná – Trnitá

The latest reference document is an urban design idea study of the South Quarter, elaborated by the team of Brno architects Aleš Burian and Gustav Křivinka and Mark Johnson, a world-renowned landscape architect and urban planner. The study was set up under the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Statutory City of Brno and the Owners of a Part of the Area in 2018.